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Specialty Care

Linen & Linen Blends

Linen has a natural look & feel, sometimes with a subtle ‘slub’ texture from the fibres of the flax plant. It is both breathable and absorbent - making it an extremely comfortable fabric to wear.

Our linen / rayon blends still have the natural hand-feel of linen with the benefits of a slightly more polished finish, softer hand feel, and reduced wrinkling - making it dressier and easier to care for.

100% linen will crinkle a lot to begin with, but the beauty of this durable fabric is, the more you wear, wash and steam, the softer it gets. Linen loves to be worn – the more wears the less wrinkles.

All of our linen and linen blend fabrics are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage in post-consumer care. However, it is important to know that the fibres will move and tighten with washing, so garments should be ironed or steamed after washing to help them to drop back out.


We use a variety of silk fabrics, depending on the style - all lightweight, soft and elegant. Silk is a natural fibre that is breathable and feels luxurious to wear against the skin.

Silk Crepe is a lightweight fabric with subtle crimped texture.

Please ensure you take extra care of your silk garments. You can even try hanging silk garments to air out for a couple of days - this can help eliminate odours from the fabric and reduce the need for washing.

Silk garments are dry clean only. Except for printed garment styles, which should be cold hand washed only as this will ruin the print.



The majority of our knitwear is made from a 100% merino wool yarn. In the case that our desired colour is not available in 100% wool, we’ll use yarns that are blended with a synthetic fibre such as low-pill acrylic or bio-cashmere.

Synthetic fibres hold colour really well, so a wider range of colours are available - they also do not pill as quickly. All of our wool blend yarns are extremely warm and breathable.

Ensure knitwear is always stored folded, not hung so as to further maintain the original garment shape. When wearing knitwear, we recommend that customers take extra care of jewellery or abrasive surfaces so as to prevent pulls occurring & further ensure the longevity of the garment.

Cold gentle hand wash in cold water only. Please note garments will shrink if washed in warm / hot water, machine washed or soaked.

Depending on the knit structure of the garment, fibres may retract when wet. To relax fibres back out, we recommend gently stretching the garment back into shape whilst drying flat.

Dry clean for best results.

It is a natural characteristic for all wool fibres to pill a bit with time and wear - we recommend using a de-piller to remove it if this occurs.

Wool is very sensitive to water, and it is important when washing that strictly 100% cold water is used to avoid any issues with shrinking.

To be safe, we recommend dry cleaning wool knitwear for best results.

Wool Coats, Jackets, Pants & Skirts

We use a variety of woven wool fabrics - heavier weight for coats / jackets, lighter weight for pants / skirts. Wool is a natural fibre that is very warm and can be heavy, making it very suitable for winter outerwear.

All wool garments are lined to make them more comfortable when worn against the skin.

Dry clean only.


We love to use cotton shirting where possible because it is a durable, natural fibre that can have a wide variety of properties depending on the weave.

Cold hand wash separately.


We have created our own custom jacquards from artwork designed in-house.

This feature fabric is vibrant and unique.

These heavy weight jacquards are perfect for bringing vivacity to the winter months.

Dry clean only - jacquard weaves will shrink if washed.


This season we have created our own custom pleats to add a unique texture to otherwise simple silhouettes. For pleating, polyester fabric must be used for the fabric to be able to hold the permanent pleat (it does not work with natural fibres).

We recommend storing pleated garments folded, not hung to help maintain the shape of the garment over time.

— Cold hand wash separately.
— Do not dry clean (this could ruin the pleat).
— Do not iron (this could ruin the pleat).


Denim is a sturdy and durable woven fabric, made from cotton.

Once made, our denim garments are washed to give them that classic denim finish. Different denims and colours require different wash processes to achieve our desired finished look. Due to this process, the fit of each garment can be slightly different.

Denim garments are designed to fade with wash and wear, so the appearance will change over time.

Machine wash inside out in cold water. Drip dry in shade. It is advised to wash dark colours before wear to avoid excess dye running / rubbing.

Viscose / Rayon / Tencel

Cold hand wash seperately. Dry flat in shade (to avoid distorting the shape).
Garments may shrink if washed in hot water or machine washed. Drycleanable.

Please note these fabrics, in particular viscose, are responsive to water so when washed the fibres within the fabric will retract. A thorough steam or iron will help encourage the fibres to relax and return the garment to its original shape. All of our fabrics are pre-shrunk before production to avoid shrinkage in post consumer care.

Leather Goods

Natural-grained Leather

Use a clean, damp cloth to gently remove any dirt.

To maintain your leather goods, we recommend using protective spray and good quality leather conditioner. Keep your leather product stored in its provided care bag to protect from dust and abrasive surfces.

It is advised that shoes should be re-soled when needed so as to maintain the original condition & further ensure the longevity of the shoes.

Suede Leather

Before use, seal the suede with a protective spray to repel dirt.
For best results; dryclean only.

To maintain your leather goods, we recommend using protective spray and good quality leather conditioner. Keep your leather product stored in its provided care bag to protect from dust and abrasive surfces.

It is advised that shoes should be re-soled when needed so as to maintain the original condition & further ensure the longevity of the shoes.

Garment Issues

We consistently strive to produce quality garments / leather goods each season and pride ourselves on exceptionally high standards. Although it is rare, unfortunately some items do come in not to our usual high standard.

If an issue with an item purchased does occur, we advise customers to contact us immediately regarding their experience. Please contact shop@alpha60.com.au

Along with your email; we request that you please provide the following information so as to provide you with a quicker resolution:

Name / contact information

Purchase date

Sales receipt (or proof of purchase)

Images of the issue

Order number or receipt number

Once we receive your enquiry, our production team will assess the case and determine the eligibility for repair, exchange, credit note or refund.

In an effort to reduce waste, repair is always our first choice when possible.
Please note assessments may take up to 1-2 weeks for processing.

For further garment care instructions, please contact shop@alpha60.com.au