For the 2024 Melbourne Art Fair, we are delighted to be collaborating with Kate Rohde. The collaboration was sparked by the idea of creating a bag that represented the artists’ work but also their personality or their use of a bag.

We have known Kate for years and we have always wanted to do something together. Both Alex and I have the same urn from one of Kate’s exhibitions just in different colours. The memory of being entranced by Kate's studio and her artistic process is still vivid. We are thrilled that Kate has hand-made intricate handles and charms for her bag out of her signature electric coloured resin.

Kate Rohde

Kate Rohde's artistic and functional works find inspiration in the seamless integration of her love for natural history and the detailed decorative arts spanning different periods, with a notable focus on the Rococo era. Widely recognized for her proficiency in crafting jewellery and sculptural pieces, she primarily utilizes resin and hand casting techniques. Kate Rohde transforms her visions of vibrant flora and fauna into vivid, glossy technicolour interpretations. Her playful sculptures, created from a combination of resin and plaster, inhabit a space that is simultaneously natural, unnatural, and even supernatural.