Alpha60 are friends and supporters of The Social Studio and have been lucky enough to have collaborated together on The Colour Chameleon project.

This project led by The Social Studio involved local likeminded brands producing a print design, in response to the brief given.

This design was then digitally printed by The Social Studio team at their printing studio and manufactured as limited edition garments. As a part of Melbourne Spring Fashion week, these garments were then auctioned live at the Colour Chameleon project parade.

The chameleon is the animalian embodiment of what fashion and style has come to mean in our modern environment. The chameleon’s sophisticated crypsis allows it to merge into its surroundings to avoid detection, much as we might do on a tough day by hiding in a heavy, dark coat. Yet the evolutionary pressure that has gifted the animal with such idiosyncratic traits has also ensured that the chameleon will always be known for its apparent flamboyance; a neat corollary with this idea surely exists in the way we transform ourselves with fabric, to be the people we want to be. If fashion is, on any level, a means of expressing ourselves and our intentions to others, than the chameleon is a deserving recipient of a tribute, and this is ours.


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