Step into the world of culinary brilliance and exceptional service as we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Hannah Green, the illustrious winner of the Service Excellence Award at The Age Good Food Guide Awards 2024. Hannah's prowess shines brightly through her restaurant, Etta, where gastronomic experiences transcend expectations.

In a catch up with Hannah, a longstanding supporter of Alpha60, we delve into the delectable realms of food and wine. Beyond the kitchen, we explore the intersection of style and comfort, discussing the art of donning the perfect casual work suit. Uncover the secrets behind Hannah Green's Etta and her insights into the harmonious blend of flavors and fashion.

What elements constitute an enjoyable dining experience in your perspective? 

For me, it’s about the whole package and how I feel. From the moment you make a booking to walking through the front door. I find I always enjoy myself the most when I’m relaxed and having fun, so that is a huge part of what we do here at Etta. How can I expect you to have fun, if we aren't. Of course, the food has to be yummy, wine delicious and service on point. It’s all the other touch points, like what music we are playing, how the lights are dimmed to how comfortable the chairs are that make everything come together for me.
What wine will be your go to recommendation this summer at Etta? 

I’m loving Sierra Reed’s White Heart Coeur Riesling from Moorabool Valley just out of Geelong. I love her, I love her passion and commitment to making an exceptional product, but most of all I love the wine.  

It’s perfect for our food here at Etta as we use spice to season our dishes and the touch of residual sugar in this Riesling works so well with that. It's also perfect for quenching my thirst on the warm days we are now having.

What exciting ventures lie ahead in the future for Etta? 

I feel like this year has been a really exciting year for us. We’ve had some pretty incredible recognition, and it’s far exceeded anything I ever hoped or imagined for this little neighbourhood bistro. So right now for me, it's having razor sharp focus on everything we are doing to make sure we are moving forward and keep delivering.

What inspired you to embark on a career in the food and wine sector? 

I fell in love with it when I was quite young – if you ask my dad I was always interested in going out to restaurants and ordering the ‘adventurous’ things on the menu when I was kid. So when I was 19 I applied at what was the best new restaurant in Melbourne at the time – 3,1,2. That really ignited the fire of wanting to make a career in the industry and working for the best of the best. Here I am, nearly 20 years later and I could say the rest is history.

Describe your perfect ensemble for your work uniform? 

Right now, I’m loving the Tamara Blazer and Amira Pant linen suit. I have it in Black (I actually have 2) and Lemon. The fabric is great for the heat and has a relaxed formality to it that makes me feel put together for work but still shows some personality.
Do you have any daily rituals? 

I’ve found that starting the day by going to the gym is the best way for me to start my day and makes me so much more productive and capable at handling everything that comes my way during the day. I’ll then come home, turn our coffee machine on and make myself coffee – always with Market Lane beans. Its become my ‘me’ time before I jump in the shower and officially start my working day.

What is your go to home cooked meal to impress guests? 

I’m pretty time poor, so it's always making something I know I can nail every time in as little time as possible.....and that is a roast chicken. Its easy and delicious. You can take it in a couple of directions flavour wise depending on what you season it with and serve as sides.