MSD has formally aligned itself alongside Alpha60 as Education Partner, with collaborations to enrich the teaching and learning activities for both MSD students and the general public. The partnership encompasses the development of learning opportunities through studio and elective subjects, and public-facing exhibitions featuring the outputs of the collaboration.

“This partnership will provide our students with exciting, innovative learning opportunities which intersect between art, fashion, architecture and design. Alpha60 is a dynamic, entrepreneurial fashion label and this partnership offers a chance for students of the Melbourne School of Design to once again be involved in new and different ways of creative thinking”, said Professor Alan Pert, Director of the Melbourne School of Design.

Alpha60 Creative Directors Georgie and Alex Cleary said of the partnership “The future of retail is in such a turbulent and unknown time…what we do know is that retail needs to incorporate technology and creativity. We are beyond excited to have this partnership with MSD to explore these themes with the students.”

“We love that the partnership is over two years so we can really push some boundaries and discover new things together. We recently did a photoshoot on location at the MSD and we were overwhelmed with the creative output and amazing things going on. We feel lucky to be a part of it.”

The partnership will commence in early 2020 via a studio and elective subject to be offered in Semester One. Studio Leader Jas Johnston said “This collaboration with Alpha60 is a really exciting opportunity for the students of MSD to be part of an ongoing design research project with real world impact that speculates on the future of retail and fashion.

Over multiple semesters students will be able to work closely with Georgie and Alex developing a range of ideas that will be exhibited through a range of physical and virtual mediums and may even become integrated into the Alpha60 stores, collections and online content.” Visit STORE: Future Retail for Cultural Exchange for further details about the Melbourne School of Design and Alpha60 partnership.